What features are included in a Ground News subscription?

Are you wondering what features are included in specific Ground News subscription tiers? Find out here.

If you have any more questions about these specific features, please reach out to our team at feedback@ground.news.

At a Glance

Customize your experience with Ground News Pro

The Pro subscription unlocks My Feed customization capability. You can follow up to 500 interests, topics, and locations with this subscription, and compare headlines with bias ratings. At this tier you can also begin “editing” bias ratings to sort them into categories you find more appropriate, use our advanced filters to find the stories you’re looking for based on location and bias, and unlock 10 daily Blindspot stories on the Blindspot feed.

Burst your Bubble with Ground News Premium

The Premium subscription gives you full access to the Ground News app and the Burst Your Bubble Newsletter.

It gives you unlimited My Feed customization, headline comparison, and factuality ratings.

You also receive unlimited access to the Blindspot feed and personal story recommendations.

Interested in our exclusive newsletters? You can preview the Burst Your Bubble newsletter here: https://ground.news/newsletters/burst-your-bubble/Aug-18-2022

Unlock Unparalleled Perspective with Vantage

Ground News Vantage is our full-featured subscription option.

Ground News Vantage unlocks the entire Ground News website and all of Ground News' newsletters, including My News Bias.

My News Bias gives you insight into your reading habits. Gain unique awareness about the news you’ve been reading so you can gain control of your news diet.

Discover what your personal news blindspots might be, an overview of controversial issues happening in the world today, and reveal the ownership data and Factuality score of your favorite news sources. The more you read, the more insights you’ll find in My News Bias.

Finally, in addition to factuality and bias rating data, you also unlock ownership data for thousands of news outlets and Bias Insights. Each of these features offer unparalleled perspective into who owns the news you read, and how partisan bias influences how any news story is being reported on.

As a Vantage subscriber, you are also supporting the future of Ground News and have access to all of Ground News' new and incoming features.

Ground News Vantage will be released on the mobile apps shortly. In the meantime, Vantage gives you all of the app's Premium features.

You can learn more about how to take advantage of Ground News Vantage in this article.


If I purchase your highest subscription, do I get the features included in the lower tiers? Yes, if you purchase the Vantage subscription, you will unlock access to all of the features also included in the Premium and Pro plans. If you purchase Premium, you will also unlock all of the features included in the Premium plan.

Want to upgrade your subscription?

Changed your mind? You can upgrade later. When you pay directly via Stripe on the Ground News website, you can upgrade your subscription for no extra cost.

Learn more about how subscription upgrade options in this article.