Troubleshooting: Redeeming your sponsorship discount

If you signed up for a subscription through a YouTube sponsorship link but didn't receive the discount you expected kindly keep reading as there are some important details you may have missed.

Confirm the Discount Offer

The discounts offered through our YouTube sponsorships are only applicable to our Vantage tier. Our other tiers—Pro and Premium—are not eligible for this discount. If you check out with a non-discounted tier, you will be charged full price for that subscription.

The exclusive discount offer is only available by following the link listed in the sponsorship video.

How to Ensure You Get the Discount

  1. Select the specific discount link provided in the description box of the YouTube sponsorship video as this will direct you to the appropriate checkout page.

  2. Before checking out, ensure that you have selected the annual Vantage tier for your subscription and that the discount is displayed on your screen. The Vantage tier will be clearly marked with the discount and discounted price. You might notice that the Premium and Pro tiers do not have a discounted price or label on them when checking out, as the discounted rate does not apply to these tiers.

Still Have Questions?

You can learn more about what is included in each subscription tier here.

If you have questions or need assistance with applying the YouTube sponsorship discount at checkout, feel free to contact us at . We're here to help ensure you're getting the best value from your subscription.