Tailor your news experience with Custom Feeds

As a subscriber, you now have the power to create personalized news feeds focused on select topics or locations that matter most to you. This enhancement goes beyond the capabilities of My Feed, allowing you to curate mini-feeds that align perfectly with your interests.

Key Features

Topic and Location Focus: Tailor your news consumption by handpicking specific topics or locations you want to follow closely.

Exclusive Access:
Custom Feeds is now available for our Premium and Vantage subscribers, offering an elevated news-reading experience.

Web Exclusive: Custom Feeds is exclusively available on Ground Web. We're excited to share that Custom Feeds will soon be available on our apps as well.

How to Create Your Custom Feed

1. Log in to your Ground News account.
2. Navigate to the "For You" section on Ground Web.
3. Select the "Custom Feeds" section.
4. Select your preferred topics or locations.
5. Save your Custom Feed, and voila! Your tailored news experience is ready to go.

As always, your feedback is invaluable. If you have any questions, encounter any issues, or have suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at feedback@ground.news We're here to make your news-reading experience the best it can be.