Update your Ground News Email Address or Login Method

If you are trying to update your email address or change your login method on Ground News, please follow the steps below.

Whether you first signed up to use the Ground News mobile app or website, you will need to log into the website and go to your Account page to update your email and login information.

If you originally registered your account using a social partner like Google, Facebook, or Apple:

If your account is connected to Gmail/google email/Apple ID, please navigate to the "Email" section of your Account page, and below the email and password fields, click the “Add login method” button. This will provide an option to create an Email and Password login, or add another social network login method.

If you already have an email and password connected to your account, the Email and Password login option will not be available. If you need to update your password, you can always tap the "edit" button next to the password field on the Account page.

If you already signed up using the email and password login method and would like to change your email or password...
You can navigate to the "Email" or "Password" fields on your Account page and select the "Edit" button to update your email or password.

Is your desired email already in use?

If you accidentally created multiple accounts and your preferred email is connected to an existing Ground News account, please contact us at feedback@ground.news and we will help you set up the new account.